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Our Mission

The Regional Program for the Development of the Teacher Profession in Latin America and the Caribbean is aimed at guiding and supporting the development of innovative initiatives with regards to initial and in-service teacher training. The Program was launched by Latin American and Caribbean countries who participated in the Higher Education and Teacher Training Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Authorities. This initiative of the World Bank (WB) and the Organization of Ibero-American States(OEI) counted with the participation of other multilateral institutions and took place in December of 2016.
The transformation of teacher training paradigms is necessary to reach the levels of learning that seek and deserve all Latin American and Caribbean children. The challenges of teacher training have been extensively identified and there is sufficient international consensus on how to influece them to improve. Indeed, the quality of teacher training is a crucial factor to attain education improvements. Improving the reputation and attractive power of the teacher profession is essential to attain this objective. Therefore, this space is made available to all teachers to share practicaland successful expeiences to help improve learning outcomes across the region.

Share solutions

Share solutions

Share solutions to the problems of the teacher profession in the region.

Collaboration spaces

Collaboration spaces

Collaboration spaces to exchange innovative teaching practices.

Disseminate initiatives

Disseminate initiatives

Disseminate positive replicable initiatives for teaching.

2018 Regional Workshop on Innovations in Teacher Training

In collaboration with National Ministry of Education of Colombia, the 2018 Regional Workshop on Innovations in Teacher Training was held in Bogotá, Colombia el october 25 & 26 de 2018.

In this workshop, we recognized the 33 innovative interventions that were selected from the 1st Call for Proposals or Innovative Interventions in Teacher Training in the Latin American & Caribbean Region and discussed topics such as the advantages, challenges, and determining factors for the replication of innovative experiences among representatives of the selected interventions, regional government representatives, technical experts, NGOs, academics, teacher training institutes, multilateral organizations, and other key stakeholders.

Read more about the selected interventions in our repository.

Regional Program for the Development of the Teaching Profession in Latin America and the Caribbean

Presentation by Dr. Javier Botero Álvarez

Think outside the box: innovation in the field of teacher training

Presentation by Dr. Denise Vaillant

Report on First Regional Workshop on Innovations in Teacher Training

Report by Dr. Lourdes Cardozo-Gaibisso


These are some of the most innovative experiences identified in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Knowledge Sharing Forum 2019

Invitation to participate in the Knowledge Sharing Forums of PREDALC

We are excited to announce the launching of the Knowledge Sharing Forums of the Regional Program for the Development of the Teacher Profession in Latin America and the Caribbean (PREDALC). The forums aim to disseminate innovative experiences in teacher education resulting from the 1st call for proposals carried out in 2018.

The schedule and topics of the Forums are:

  1. Colombia: Learning for Everyone Program: Towards Teacher Excellence, Monday, April 29 to Sunday, May 5 (go to the forum)
  2. Argentina: Leadership and educational innovation program, Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12 (go to the forum)
  3. Chile: Pre-service teacher training in physics and mathematics: an innovative experience of a community of practice of learning, Monday, May 13 to Sunday, May 19 (go to the forum)
  4. Ecuador: Pedagogical accompaniment program, Monday, May 20 to Sunday, May 26 (go to the forum)

To participate in the Forums, please register on our website and follow the instructions.

We look forward to your valuable contributions for the improvement of education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Call for Innovative Proposals 2018

The Call for Proposals closed on July 10, 2018. Of the 109 submitted, 33 experiences were selected to be disseminated for their innovative and replicable character. Read the proposals in the repository and get to know them in our 2018 Regional Workshop on Innovations in Teacher Training in Bogotá, Colombia on October 25 & 26, 2018.

Objective of the Call for Proposals

The Call for Innovative Proposals 2018 seeks to document, select and disseminate progress in the sphere of teacher training in the Latin American and Caribbean region, from a transformative perspective. The call for proposals seeks to promote regional experiences which incorporate novel components in initial and in-service teacher training. It also seeks to give visibility to these innovations and provide support for those wishing to implement them, thus fostering a new vision of the teacher profession. This vision would have teaching a more appealing profession for future generations. Some innovative initiatives will be selected, especially those combining modalities and pedagogical practices for more effective teaching across all socieconomic backgrounds.

Expected Results

  • Identification of 30 selected innovative experiences, duly documented.
  • Participation of a member of each selected experience in a workshop for the exchange of innovative interventions.
  • Virtual publication with tabs of each of the experiences based on a pre-established format.
  • Creation of a repository in a platform with a selection of innovative experiences with potential to be replicated in at least one other country or in a province/department/state of the same country. These experiences will be documented and presented in a second workshop and a protocol will be created of the main steps to follow to replicate successful and innovative interventions in other contexts.

Criteria for the Submission of Proposals

  • Introduce substantive changes to the teaching process and/or the academic organization of the teaching process compared to traditional programs.
  • Refer to one of the following themes:
    • Initiatives to attract and retain good students.
    • Competency frameworks in teaching.
    • Teaching modalities.
    • Development of capacities in teachers.
    • Quality Assurance in Teaching.
    • Teacher training with a focus on early-childhood development.
  • Letter of Certification from the Ministry of Education of the country OR the Institution where the innovation took place. This institution must have legal status and be officially recognized by the education authority of the country.
  • Evidence of continuity in time of the innovative experience for at least two years.
  • Presentation of conditions for sustainability and replicability of the innovation.

Detailed description of the themes
Complete list of the application criteria

Content of the Proposals

  • A description of the problem or issue that the initiative addresses.
  • Narrative that explains why the initiative is considered innovative.
  • A brief explanation of the problem that you wanted to solve.
  • The context of the innovative initiative (including coverage and summary of experience).
  • The objectives of the initiative, its strategies and evaluation methods.
  • Results and effects planned. When the proposal has already been implemented, the results should be documented.

Rules for the Submission of Proposals

  • Use this platform.
  • No more than 5000 characters (including spaces).
  • Be in Spanish or English.

Evaluation of the Proposals

All the received proposals will be evaluated by assessors designated by the Steering Committee, who is in charge of selecting the key innovations to be included in the databank. The Steering Committee will select the most promising innovation and those with the greatest conditions (or potential) to be replicated.

Information on the evaluation criteria

About Us

The Regional Program for the Development of the Teaching Profession in Latin America and the Caribbean originates from the proposal of several countries during the Summit of the Americas and collected by multilateral organizations to encourage the regional agenda to improve the quality of the education in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and is supported by:

Organization of Ibero-American States
The World Bank
Development Bank of Latin America
Organization of American States


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